Grow your server

Set-up free promo

To be advertised in Partnership list

➣ Partnership list is a place to promote your discord server. 

We understand how hard it can be to get members on your server so we came up with an idea, a place to promote your server and gain a ton of members quickly! 


To promote your server you need to invite the YouTube help bot and type +Partnership info it will give full instructions on how to promote your server on partnership list!


 ➣ Setup free Promo to grow your server 

+Set free promo P1 #channel name 


➣ setup Your server ad

+set server name include your server name

+set server ad include your server Ad

+set server link include your server link

+Ad check your server ad before you bump

+Bump bump your server ad every 5 hours on Partnership list server


➣ disable free Promo 


if you need more support I recommend watching this video just click me



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